Jesus the Bridegroom: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

“When seen through ancient Jewish eyes, Jesus of Nazareth was more than just a teacher or a prophet, or even the Messiah; he was the bridegroom God of Israel come in the flesh. As the Bridegroom Messiah, his mission was not just to teach the truth, or proclaim the kingdom, but to forgive God and unite himself to her in an everlasting covenant of love.” – Brandt Pitre

With an absolute beauty and a clear link to Biblical theology, Brant Pitre expertly conveys how Jesus’ love for us is shown through his absolute commitment to the church. Pitre explains that from the earliest Old Testament covenants, it is clear that Jesus was committed to building a relationship with his chosen people – a covenant in fact. The language used even in the earliest of Biblical passages is indicative of God’s commitment to his followers, and much like a marital relationship, it conveys the intimate love that God has. The church is depicted as a bride that is loved and adored by the Father.

Pitre goes into great detail about how the life of Jesus parallels traditional Jewish prophecies and establishes him as the savior.  With beautiful insight and Biblical support, Jesus is the Bridegroom is indeed a love story that began in Biblical times and continues to this day.

Book Club Questions:

  • How does Pitres explanation of the miracle at the Wedding at Cana help you to better understand Jesus’ understanding of his mission?
  • How does the Eucharist serve as a strong example of Jesus as the Bridegroom?
  •  “For if Jesus really is the divine Bridegroom and the Church really is his bride, then he is always there, waiting beside the well from all eternity, waiting for us to bring our brokenness and ask him to give us the gift of his Spirit” (p. 168). How does Pitre’s analysis of Jesus as the Bridegroom help you to better understand your own relationships with others? Your relationship with Christ?

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