Among Friends: Stories from the Journey

“We learn through all of these events that God uses all ways – contemporary, traditional, a unusual – to spread the message. We aren’t the message but we are the messengers, nonetheless” – Father Jim Sichko

If anyone can recognize that God has a sense of humor, it is Father Jim Sichko, the author of Among Friends: Stories from a Journey, and active Catholic priest.  With personal stories and insightful experiences that are entertaining and inspiring, this book is an unexpected collection of stories. Father Jim’s interactions with celebrities and ordinary individuals show that he is a bit unorthodox in his approach, but his honesty and openness regarding his faith, personal challenges, and insights gained along the way make this an approachable read. Although Father Jim is fairly unconventional, this book show his good-natured personality and his ongoing efforts to develop an increasingly strong relationship with God.  Among Friends is not a theologically-dense book, but rather a lighter look at one man’s journey in faith.

Book Club Questions:

  • “I looked back to realize how much God prepared every step of the way. He used my music skills so I might sing at Mass and lead people into worship. He used by gift of speaking, presence, and structure to preach sermons to the people of God.” What are your gifts and how have you used them for God?
  • When Father Jim invites Donny Osmond to the Among Friends series, he hears complaints because Osmond is a practicing Mormon. What are your thoughts about his reasons for doing this? Do you agree with his decision?
  • “Trusting the voice of the Holy Spirit and recognizing that voice will call all of us to practice our faith to the maximum. If we are going to be people who trust, if we are going to be people who have faith, then we are going to have to be people who take risks – who are challenged to go outside of our comfort zone and reach within ourselves to reach out to others. So often we allow our fears to rob us of the opportunity to good for others.” Do you agree with Father Jim? How have you gone outside of your comfort zone for God?

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