365 Skinny Smoothies

“Your kitchen is a learning lab” –Daniella Chace

There are smoothies, and then there are smoothies. 365 Skinny Smoothies: Delicious Recipes to Get Slim and Stay Healthy Every Day of the Year by Daniella Chace is an extensive collection of recipes that emphasize seasonal fruits and veggies, pairing the freshest ingredients for unique flavor combinations.  For anyone who is a bit adventurous with their Vitamix, this is a must!

Chace has put together a collection of 365 smoothies – one for each day of the year – focusing on using the ingredients that are in season and readily available.  For example, in June, Apricot Cinnamon Cream could be your treat, while in September you are up for a Star Fruit and Papaya smoothie.  With options like Antioxidant Icy, Mint Cucumber Citrus, Hemp Cherry Cream, Cinnamon Swirl, and Cherry Grapefruit Vanilla, the flavors are delicious and diverse.  Also, Chace emphasizes nutritional balance and incorporates ingredients like chia seeds, hemp hearts, holy basil, coconut water, and avocado into the smoothies making them filling and good-for-you. 

I love The Violet Tutu (a blueberry-based thirst quencher) and Ginger Kale (a veggie-based green smoothie).  While this book does not have to be used for daily smoothies, the wide range of smoothie options and the wealth of nutritional information provided makes this a great option for anyone looking to get healthier and have fun with smoothies.


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